I am a writer. I have always been a writer. Words are my craft. This is my gift.

I honed my writing skills working 21 years as a paralegal.  I can research options, articulate a position, and write persuasively on any side of an argument. I can meet deadlines, seamlessly manage multiple accounts, and accom- modate the special needs of each client.

I left the legal field to teach. For 15 years I taught English -- ESL (English as a Second Language), literature, grammar, and writing.

To keep up with the technology my students were addicted to, I learned how to build websites and use social media. 

I have a BA in English and Sociology, and an MA TESOL. I want to use my education, my experiences, my skills, and my gift of writing to make a difference. So, I write grants and build websites for non-profits, small businesses, and individuals.

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